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Cat Grooming

Cat care involves the grooming of your cats coat. Problems can arise affecting your cats health if regular grooming is not done, especially in Persians and long haired breeds. Here at Glamour pets grooming we have the answers.



I have a Seal Point Persian. I try to brush it out as often as I can, but it still mats and tangles. Why?


Your cat is long haired comprising of two types of coat, the undercoat and top coat. When it sheds its fur, usually the undercoat first, it does not "drop out" as easy as    the coat of a dog, but remains underneath the top coat. This causes the problem of mats and tangles. Ideally your cat should be groomed on a daily basis, tackling the undercoat with specialist grooming aids. However, because of people’s modern hectic daily life styles this option proves impractical to keep up. Glamour pets can groom out the coat regularly every three to four months, using the correct tools for the job stripping out the undercoat that causes the problem.



I have a Short Haired, but it gets matted clumps all over its body. Why should this happen when it cleans itself daily?


Short haired cats can also get the problem of matting for various reasons.

a) The cat may be getting on in years and its daily cleaning may not be as rigorous as in its younger days, not being able to reach those hard to get at places.

b) Or perhaps it’s been rolling around oily areas, grease and oil do not do the cats coat a service.

c) Also cats can have teeth and/or mouth infections, and when cleaning themselves salivate a sticky substance on to their fur causing it to clump and mat.



I have a long haired cat whose coat gets into such a state. It is so badly matted that normal grooming is impossible. I have to take her to the vet, who anaesthetize her and shaves off all the fur on her body. Is there an alternative to this risky treatment?


Yes. You need a trained cat groomer who specializes in clipping down cat’s coats, without requiring sedation of any kind. Glamour pets can clip down your cats coat if necessary. However, if the fur can be teased out and saved from being clipped down, then that is the first option used. Most badly matted coats CAN be saved without having to resort to clipping. Do not go to just anyone. Not everybody knows the art and correct way of grooming a cat, and you may end up with a traumatized feline!!! Expert handling techniques are a vital part of this procedure.



I put my Persian in the bath and ended up with a big ball of matted fur. Now I cannot do a thing with his coat. What did I do wrong?


Firstly you must never bath a cat unless it has first been pre-groomed, especially long haired. Any knots and tangles will only tighten up when put into water, making the fur totally unmanageable.




My cat is pretty aggressive when it comes to being groomed. Could my cat still be groomed by someone else?


Yes. A cat is a crafty little creature and knows your personality well. But when you hand him over to a trained cat groomer, proficient in the correct handling techniques required to groom him, he will feel safe, secure and reassured enough to allow thorough grooming to take place. It's not only the tools used for grooming that are important, but also the way a cat is handled for grooming that is essential. Here at Glamour pets we are big softies with hearts of gold. But don't let your cat know this!!!




Here at Glamour pets we can offer the ultimate grooming experience for your cat. We are fully aware that not all trained groomers are capable of grooming cats as they require that Special touch!

Marie is a successful breeder of long hair Persians, producing many champions. She has been grooming cats for over 20 years and her ability to calm almost any cat is a pleasure to watch.

At glamour pets we tend to have one afternoon every two weeks dedicated to cat grooming, avoiding them coming in to contact with any dogs. They will be pre groomed, washed and conditioned, nails clipped and then groomed out to remove any dead/matted coat.

Our prices our very reasonable Starting from just £45.  (with most vets charges around £120 and some groomers within the area quote up to £70)

This picture shows pepper a long hair Persian who developed some matted coat on her underside. Her owner tried to remove the mats with some scissors. but unfortunately also cut through the delicate skin resulting in pepper requiring  37 stitches.

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