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Hi, my name is Tia I am a King Charles Cavalier I have just spent a wonderful morning being pampered at Glamour Pets in station road Ilminster a lovely bath warm air dry and my nails manicured all done with kindness and consideration. What more could a lady want So next time you are out walking your owners walk them to Jon and Marie at Glamour Pets an experience I can thoroughly recommend. Tia

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Janice 2011.1.21 21:40

I have a pointer cross, you can see her in some of the pics, who suffers with separation anxiety.  She has been coming to Glamour Pets for eight months on a regular basis whilst I work.  She views this as a second home and loves being with Jon, Marie and their doggy family.  She has a great time and is very happy....Highly recommend this service, so thanks to Jon and Marie, you'll be seeing us for some time to come.......hide the food !!

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Hi, I'm Cooper the Golden Doodle (not your common or garden Labradoodle thank you very much!) Being part poodle my owner has trouble with my coat and keeping it free of tangles (as the Golden retriever part of me likes to jump in muddy puddles and get as mud bound as possible) I go to Glamour Pets for a nice wash and my knots attended to. Jon and Marie are lovely and I get very excited when I visit. There other dogs there I like to play with too. I highly recommend to my fellow doggy friends to go and get pampered!